"Yo Volvere" wins track of the week for week beginning September 7th on Garageband.com!

As our track "Ciegueton" continues to climb the Latin chart in GarageBand.com, now standing at #13, another song has started to make a few waves. "Yo Volvere (Homenaje A Savana Iglesia)" is now sitting at #46 in the same chart. Because of some enthusiastic reviews by the artist community on that site, this track has won the "track of the week" honors for Latin music for the upcoming week. We are particularly happy because it is the first underground hit for any song performed by "Machete". This song was actually written by his uncle in the Dominican Republic about the town from which Machete's family was born. The song was written in the early 1980's and was actually recorded by Machete's uncle "Marto Batista" and recorded as a limited edition single that was only available in the town of Savana Iglesia in the Dominican Republic. So as we set out to record this album, Machete, in collaboration with Alvin Suarez, arranged a more modern version of the song which has received so many positive reviews. In fact, Machete even features several interjections on that track from the original single. On the album version of the song, you can hear a soundbyte of Marto singing and playing his guitar before Los Ciegos comes in. You can then hear Marto (On the album version and the radio version.) interjected again toward the coda of the song. So we congratulate Marto and Machete for their wonderful contribution to our album. We are always proud of our music, but this one, in particular, feels really good. We thank the artist community at Garageband.com for their support of this song as well as "Ciegueton". If you want to check out GarageBand.com, click here: http://www.garageband.com/losciegosdelbarrio Thanks to all. (Alvin)

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