Washington Heights, USA: The Ciegos Rock Upper Broadway

In a last-minute show put together by the good folks from Western Union and Castle Check Cashing on Broadway between 177th and 178th Streets, we played a two-hour set of classic merengue (Perico Ripiao style). We were pleasantly surprised by the turnout and the positive reaction that we got from the crowd that gathered around the front of the Check Cashing place. This event was in honor of Dominican Mother's Day. Much love to all of the Dominican Moms out there, including Machete's mom who stopped by to say hello to us. We had a great time in Washington Heights tonight. Thanks to Isabel, Vincent, Mike, Elizabeth, Aridia & Julian for their help tonight. Elizabeth even won a $50 certificate from Western Union. Next time, lunch is on her. Shout outs to Marisela, Andres and that really cool young lady in the SUV that helped our keyboard player get to his cab. Sorry we didn't get her name, but we hope she has fun in DR later this year. We love you Washington Heights!

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