On behalf of all of us from Los Ciegos Del Barrio, we would like to thank John Moses in New Canaan Connecticut for taking good care of us as we played at the Saxe Middle School. It is very rare that we run into people who have the power to change the world around all of us just by the goodness of their hearts. We are fortunate to know people like John Moses, with whom we've had a wonderful partnership and friendship with for close to 10 years. John is a Social Studies teacher at the Saxe Middle School and while he brilliantly teaches his students in a way that is creative, innovative and heartfelt, he's also worked so incredibly hard for us as he has managed to connect the privledged youngsters in the world around him to the not so privledged in the world around him. Many people do not realize how difficult it really is, but John has managed to pull it off. We hope that his tireless efforts are appreciated and recognized by all within the sound of his voice as much as it is by us. There is a lot of unfinished business that has yet been completed by Mr. Moses, but i hope that those who have the power to do so, will continue to let John's efforts grow and develop into what has become an extremely special treat for many young people that deserve it. We are honored and thrilled to be a part of that and we thank John for involving us and allowing us to help his wonderful vision become a reality. There are so many more children that deserve this very special treat that he has helped create and we sincerely hope that it is allowed to continue and that it is never taken away from those who have worked so hard to support it and realize it as well as those who benefit from it as much as the children do. We ask that this tradition of giving initiated by john will be allowed to continue. We also thank fellow contributors, Hector, Eliot Osborn and Ana Batista for sharing in this vision of giving.

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