Our new album has finally been released!

Our long awaited new CD "¿Por Que? ¡Porque…!" has finally been released as of today as we just got our first shipment yesterday. We are now in the process of setting it up for on line purchase, but for those who are interested in purchasing the new hard copy CD, you can call us at (718) 886-8686. Leave us your contact information and we will make arrangements to have a copy sent to you. For now, it's sort of the "old fashioned" way and we understand it's not the quickest way, but by the end of the week, this CD will be available on line for purchase and we will even post the links on this site where you can either purchase a hard copy, or MP3's of the album. We are also in the process of setting up digital distribution where it will be available on such sites as I Tunes and the like so please be patient if that's your main method of purchase. If calling us is not your thing, you can feel free to e mail us at Losciegos@losciegosdelbarrio.com where we can also make arrangements. We do not share any of your information with anyone and are experienced at all kinds of order methods. If you have a PayPal account...even better. We will announce when the CD is available on line. Later today, we will put 3 selected song choices for you to sample at our MYSpace page so feel free to click there as well. We already have one selection for you to sample which is our version of the 80's dance song "Don't You Want Me." Further announcements are forthcoming and we are so excited to finally have this released. It's been a long process and there are actually many other things in the works. Stay tuned.

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