Losciegos.com is now up and running.

There have been some concerns raised by those who do not speak Spanish fluently that they would love to visit our site, but they either do not remember the full name of the band, or they do not know the correct spelling. Some have even said that the name is too long for them to remember so we have solved that problem...we think. You can now use http://www.losciegos.com as the URL to visit our website. Feel free to pass it along. The original URL is still active, but now there are choices as both URLs will take you to the same place. We will also try to post more information and e mails in Spanish as it has also been a concern for many people. Namely those who speak limited English. We value each and every one of our fans and the more we can accomodate all of you, the better it is for all of us. We thank you for your support.

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