Los Ciegos Del Barrio is heading back to the Saxe School.

Previously thought to be on June 2, we have just learned that our show at the Saxe School in New Canaan Connecticut will actually be on Tuesday,June 9th, 2009.  This is an event in which several schools are bused in from the New Canaan school district and neighboring communities to our assembly style performance of live Latin music. This is a really cool event meant to teach multiculturalism, diversity and also how to be entertained by music not commonly heard every day in those communities. This performance is generally followed by a question and answer session with Los Ciegos Del Barrio where the students from the audience can ask questions to all or any of the band members. The band routinely will also host a workshop of different Latin music instruments as they show the students how they are played and usually will get into a jam session with the students at the end. More announcements about this event are forthcoming and we look forward to being there again as it is a vital event that really does put a smile on all our faces as well as theirs. Keep in touch with this section as it is still developing.

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