Further Thanks.

As we conclude our first trip out West, we would also like to thank so many people for taking good care of us during our trip to Texas this past week. First, we would like to thank Jeff and Doug of the "Visionary Media Company" for all of their hard work and support as they have feverishly gone to bat for us to make sure everything runs smoothly. Without them, this trip would not even be close to being a success. We also want to thank Judy Maritz as well as her friend Beth for being so supportive of Los Ciegos Del Barrio. (We also thank Judy for paying for our breakfast yesterday...it was a very nice gesture and we all appreciate it.) We will do everything possible to ensure that your support is not in vain and we will make you very proud as you make us proud to be friends and teammates of yours. Thank you so much. We also want to thank Mike who provided sound for us and did a fantastic job. He went beyond the call of duty to make sure we performed at our highest level and he was also very patient. Thanks, Mike. We also want to thank the wonderful staff at La Cantera resort in San Antonio who made sure everything was comfortable and pleasant for us. Especially Patty who worked so hard to make sure we were well fed and taken care of at the highest level. She made us feel so welcomed and made San Antonio our home. Thanks so much, Patty, we had a wonderful time. If your bosses are reading this, they should give you a raise. you deserve it. We also want to thank the good folks at the United Airlines counter in Austen Texas for averting a potential disaster on our way home. Our original flight out of San Antonio was cancelled which forced us to stay an extra day in San Antonio. A miscommunication of some sort on the part of American Airlines which was the original airline who canceled our previous flight, almost forced us to stay yet another day. So the folks at United, who unfortunately was unable to fit us on their flight, went out of their way and found Continental Airlines who was able to take us home. Between the good hearted efforts of United and Continental, they put corporate need aside and put customer service ahead as they were both sympathetic to our situation. Continental, then recognized the fact that we were just victims caught in the middle of it all that were tired and wanted to get home, also found a way to take good care of us and made sure we had a safe comfortable flight. They even took off a few minutes late because of the weather in Newark where we were to land, and still got to our destination on time. In fact, I believe a few minutes early. So thanks so much to all of you for making our first trip out West a positively memorable one. Thanks to all.

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