El Barrio, USA: 25th Annual Puerto Rican Day Festival at 116th Street

Great time at the 116th St. Puerto Rican festival.. Great sharing a stage with Miosotis as well. We had the crowd jumping until the cops had to shut us down. :( But we appreciated our abridged opportunity to play tonight...quite an experience. Thanks to those that were there, what a turnout! Shout out to Jerry, Juan & Rocio. And now, a message to the organizers of festivals/shows/events, etc: We are just one single voice, but we'd like to call on the powers that be of any and every major event/festival to please have a true appreciation for live music and the work that's behind it. It's so easy to put a CD in a machine & either sing or dance along to it, but it's a lot of hard physical work to bring musical instruments, set them up and then play and sing as we entertain. It's fun, but it's very hard work...not to mention all of the years of studying and practice. In some cases, musicians will travel a long way to do this physical work...so please bare that in mind when booking the acts for your shows, because we love what we do and we have a deep respect for music as a whole. We ask that live music get the support it deserves and that musicians...real musicians...get the same respect in return. Thanks again and hopefully, we'll get another opportunity to keep entertaining you all the way we have been for our entire career. Que viva Boricua!!!

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