CiegoMania Hits Milwaukee

We had an awesome time playing in front of an outdoor crowd of better than 600, possibly 700 people at the Rotary Outdoor Amphitheatre. We weren't able to bring the entire group, but we held it down and got some of the best crowd response of the year. Alvin and Derek were also thrilled to be reunited with their dad, Marco Suarez, who was also an accomplished musician and their original musical inspiration. Marco was joined by his mom, Rosa, two of his younger sons, David and Daniel; and David's girlfriend, Trisha. All live in the Madison, Wisconsin area. People of all races danced at the packed amphitheatre and we even sold all but 4 of the CD's that we brought. We had to hide the last few as we had promised to give them to Marco and the family. Our thanks go out to Cindy, Dan, Mike, Mark, Wiscraft & the Visionary Media Company. There's some talk about doing this again next year. We'll be ready, willing and able. Shout-outs to George Washington (Yes, that's his real name), Brenda and Jasmine at the airport. We hope Jasmine got home to Denver safely. Thanks also go out to the good folks at Moe's Irish Pub who took care of us. Great burgers! We will take a breather for a couple of weeks before heading out to North Bergen, NJ on the 25th.

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