Check us out on the Benny Negro & Franky Bonez Show!

We will be playing and interviewing on the Benny Negro & Franky Bonez Internet Show on " on Wednesday night, November 18, at 8:00 PM Eastern time. We hope you will check us out. If you are in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, you can see it live at Manny's Sports Bar on 2nd Avenue, between 92nd and 93rd streets. Ladies are free until 7:30 PM and men will have to pay $10, but they will have a virtually unlimited amount of happy ladies that got in for cool is that? So check us out at the provided link or come on down to Manny's Sports Bar. Taping is upstaris which means we can actually say with a straight face, "Come on down so you can come on up!" It will be lots of fun.

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