Busy Week Concluded.

Los Ciegos Del Barrio has just completed a tiring, yet exciting 4 days of traveling and playing in different parts of the United States. Los Ciegos first played at the Saxe Middle School where they entertained 500 middle school students from different parts of Connecticut including New Canaan and Bridgeport. The band later traveled to San Antonio Texas where they performed for the annual NIB meeting on Wednesday June 10, as well as for the Blind Veterans of the NIB on Thursday June 11. The response to Los Ciegos Del Barrio was quite positive and while their stay in San Antonio was extended one more day due to weather conditions that affected the airlines in the vicinity, they hope to be back again at some point. Los Ciegos Del Barrio are now back in New York and plan to play at a friend's wedding on June 20 before they release their new album on June 23. This certainly is a busy time for the band, but they are having a great time nevertheless.

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