Band member wins 2009 Independent Music Award.

Original band member/percussionist Jimmy Fontanez has won the judges' selection for a 2009 Independent Music Award for his song "Mi Salsa Vocal". This song has been featured on our interview on German Santana's "Caribe Latino" show on 89.9 WKCR FM in New York City. We are very proud of Jimmy and he deserves all the credit for writing such a wonderful song. You can listen to his song here: This will be the first of many accomplishments for Jimmy and we are always happy when one of our team members wins such an award. Jimmy Fontanez, a friend of most of the band since childhood, joined "Los Ciegos Del Barrio" when the band first started in 1997. Shortly afterwards, he left New York City to hone his percussive skills with a Salsa band in Amsterdam/Albany New York now called the "Alex Torres Orchestra". Jimmy continued to write, record and produce his own music in his own home studio. He also continued to be active with "Los Ciegos Del Barrio" even while living upstate. In 2009, Jimmy expanded his music career by joining an alternative rock group with "Lachi", another visually impaired artist from Brooklyn New York ( ) who has since befriended and assisted "Los Ciegos Del Barrio" through the use of her own marketing skills and knowledge of social media. She is also a good friend of Jimmy's. Jimmy joined the Visionary Media Company" in 2009 and collaborated, either through performance, or production with several artists for an upcoming compilation CD called "Songs About Blindness" which is to be released in 2010. He moved back down to New York City in January 2010 as he parted ways with the "Alex Torres Orchestra" as he has now become increasingly active with "Lachi", "Los Ciegos Del Barrio", "The Visionary Media Company" and his own budding music career. "Mi Salsa Vocal", to date, is his most popular solo original song and has enjoyed a huge amount of success. He is very well supported by his friends and fans and we are so happy to have him back in town. In January 2010, jimmy officially won the "Latin song category" for the "Independent Music Awards", which is only a small indication of how much he is starting to realize his potential as an artist. We support our member/friend and the sky is the limit for Jimmy as there is so much more to accomplish. Welcome home, Jimmy and welcome to the wonderful world of music success and appreciation.

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