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Los Ciegos Del Barrio: News

LCDB featured on People Magazine. - October 13, 2016

Los Ciegos Del Barrio, who are the recipients of the 2016 annual achievement award by City Access New York, have been featured on People Magazine's on line edition. You can read all about it here:

New album released. "El Futuro", now available everywhere. - July 31, 2016

On August 1st, 2016, LCDB will be releasing their brand new album "El Futuro" during their show in Milwaukee WI. CD's and download cards will be on sale at Discovery World Rotary Amphitheater, 500 N Harbor Drive, in Milwaukee WI. show time is at 6.
The album will feature their hit song "Baby Boy", as well as a new version of their cover "Mama Used To Say".
You can also pick up your copy on every on line retailer such as I Tunes, Amazon, CD Baby and more.
You can also pick up a copy for a discounted price, where proceeds will be donated to various charities here:


On Sunday, June 26 at 12PM, the band will be playing the pregame show, as the Rockland Boulders baseball team, will host the Cuban National Team at Palisades Credit Union Park. The band will play Cuban music before this historic conclusion of a 3 game set. For tickets, click here:

LCDB raising money for charity this holiday season. - December 21, 2015

Los Ciegos Del Barrio announced yesterday on a radio interview on the "DJD Digital Distraction", on Inner-Vision Radio, that they will be matching all sales of their hit single "Baby Boy" through the month of January.
For each sale of their song through their new BandCamp site, the band will be matching and donating funds to the St. Jude's Children's Hospital for cancer research.
You can make your contribution here:
The band will match the amount raised through purchases on that link, so they will not make a cent for your purchase.
If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to feature the band on your publication, radio, or TV show, please contact the band at
The band would like to wish their friends a very Merry Christmas and upcoming New Year.

New Single Available On CD Baby! - November 18, 2015

Los Ciegos Del Barrio are happy to announce the release of their new single "Baby Boy", a new Alternative Bachata song (Half Bachata, half Alternative Rock) in English written by Alvin Suarez. For now, it is available on CD Baby, but it will be available on I Tunes within the next 2 weeks.
This is a personal song for Alvin, as it addresses the topic of child abuse.
The song features the following lineup:
Alvin Suarez: Lead singer, bongos, Bachata and Rock rhythm guitars.
Derek Suarez: Bass and backing vocals.
Machete: Backing vocals.
Jimmy Fontanez: Keyboards, guira, session drummer and backing vocals.
Just Dre: Guest lead rock guitarist from the DreadBeat Dadz.
More announcements to come regarding the song's further availability.
Copyright 2015 by Alvin Suarez (ASCAP)

LCDB to play at first disability pride parade in New York City. - July 7, 2015

The band is honored to be part of the very first disability pride parade in New York City. This is to celebrate the 20 anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 LCD be, Along with many other talented disabled artists, will be playing at the Union Square stage Beginning at 11:00 AM.

LCDB Experiments With New Set up. - December 5, 2014

The band will have an unusual set up for their performance on December 5 at St. John's University. The performers will be Derek Suarez, Jimmy Fontanez, Tony Jimenez and Domingo Pascual. For Domingo, it is his first performance since the Fall of 2011. Alvin Suarez, the band director, will be missing his first performance with the band since 1998. this is only the second show he is missing with the band. Jimmy Fontanez will be making his debut on keyboards with the band. The bass will be compensated by Jimmy along with horn lines while Derek plays his usual piano parts. Tony and Domingo will be playing the percussion section. it is the first time in band history that the two of them will be performing together. The event will take place tonight at 6:30 PM, at St. John's University D'Angelo ballroom 416. It is a fund raiser for the children of Ecuador sponsored by the Latin American student organization. It is a public event… $10 at the door.

Machete Returns. - November 15, 2014

LCD be well comes back a familiar face on stage as Machete returns with the band for his first performance with them since August 2013. The band played a college party in Carlisle Pennsylvania at Dickinson college on November 15. The band sounded great and never missed a beat.

Tony's Back!!! - July 16, 2014

Our July 18 performance at the Brentwood Public Library will feature the return of Tony Jiminez on congas. After overcoming his recent healthchallenges, we look forward to welcoming him on stage again. Welcome back Tony.

Sending Prayers To A Member Of Our Family - April 11, 2014

Before ever becoming a band, we consider ourselves family. Therefore, we are always there for one another even off stage. We'd like to extend our prayers to percussionist Tony Jiminez, who has recently began facing some health challenges. Speedy recovery Tony.

We Are Back! - February 25, 2014

After 6 months on hiatus, we will be returning on stage as we perform at our favorite college "Dickinson College" in Carlisle PA. We are excited to be playing again and are grateful for everyone who stuck around. We are planning big things in our near future.

Band on hiatus indefinitely. - August 16, 2013

LCDB will be taking a break after their August 25, 2013 performance in Utica NY.

Announcing Another 2 Week Tour in Cuba. - January 11, 2013

Los Ciegos Del Barrio has just confirmed that they will be touring Cuba for the second time. The tour will take place from February 23rd to March 10.
LCDB will again be involved with Cuba's international book fair, but the difference will be that the band will be performing in other provinces outside of Havana. This will enable LCDB a chance to stretch out to more of the general public around the large island of Cuba.
The band will also be featuring some music in English and many more originals as their third album "Por que...porque" has enjoyed some considerable time on rotation in Havana's top radio stations. This will allow for more musical diversity which is illustrated in that album.
The band is quite excited and will definitely make the most of their upcoming tour.

New album finally on I Tunes - November 30, 2012

LCDB's latest release "Live In Havana Cuba" is finally available on I Tunes.

To pick up the live album, click here:

It is also available on such popular on line stores as Amazon and CDBaby.

LCDB Makes Their Univision Debut - November 20, 2012

On November 18, 2012, Los Ciegos Del Barrio were featured as one of the top 4 bands selected to an on line contest to appear live on Univision's popular sports show "Republica Deportiva".
With their song "Loco!", LCDB were well represented and launched an on line voting campaign which will run until December 9th.
The top 2 bands selected will appear on the show again live in mid December.
To vote for Los Ciegos Del Barrio, click here:
The winners will be announced on "Republica Deportiva". Check local listings.

LCDB debuts new CD in Milwaukee WI. - August 1, 2012

July 31, 2012, Los Ciegos Del Barrio, who had been quietly performing, released their live CD "Live In Havana Cuba" in Milwaukee WI. They played the annual "Live at the Lakefront" event where they broke the all time attendance record in the 4 year history of this event.
Los Ciegos Del Barrio released their long awaited album and plan to have it up on I Tunes as soon as possible.
The weather was gorgeous, the atmosphere was lively, and the music was hot.

Los Ciegos temporarily on hiatus - February 1, 2012

We will be taking a short break as we work on our new live album featuring music from our performances in Cuba last year. We will be back performing in the spring.

Los Ciegos Del Barrio welcomes new member. - November 1, 2011

On November 4th, we will be debuting our newest member as we introduce our new percussionist Domingo Pascual. He plays guira, tambora and timbales. For this particular show, he will play guira and maracas while Alvin Suarez will make his first public debut on timbales. This will be at Dickinson College in Carlisle PA. Should be fun.

Los Ciegos Take Havana, Cuba By Storm in the Trip of their Lives - February 26, 2011

Los Ciegos Del Barrio spent two weeks in Havana, Cuba from February 12 through February 26 for a series of concerts around the City as part of the 20th Annual Book Fair. These events are organized by Cuba's Ministry of Culture and include many performances of all types, including poetry readings and concerts.

Some of the highlights included some shows at "La Casa de Alba," which is an organization for Latin-American solidarity in Cuba, a show at "El Pavillon de Cuba," which drew a huge following of fans that we had won over during the days leading up to that show including passers-by and even members of the blind community in Havana; and finally, the main event - a nationally televised major concert at "La Plaza San Fransisco" for a crowd of thousands. We opened the show and by the end, the audience went absolutely nuts, asking for more music. We gave way to the home band, "Still Band," who was actually kind enough to let Machete, Alvin and Derek make a surprise appearance with them much to the delight of the loud, enthusiastic crowd as we sang Bob Marley's "No Woman No Cry." We later found out that we are the first ever American band to perform at this yearly event.

Thanks to the efforts of our dear friend, Yannis Lobaina Gonzalez, who works for the Cuban Ministry of Culture, we were heavily publicized on the radio, TV and newspapers. Within a week's time, we were recognized in the streets of Havana and greeted by its excited citizens, who constantly asked us when our next show would be.

We want to thank Eliot Osborne, our former music teacher, mentor and best friend, who is the co-founder of Project Troubador, for setting this all up for us. This was the third collective trip for the Ciegos' core members as we have also been to Russia and the Dominican Republic.

Los Ciegos Play at Private Birthday Party - January 8, 2011

Great time at Seles Manor in Manhattan as we played for Erica's first birthday party. A great time was had by kids and adults alike.

it was nice seeing our faithful members of the blind community who continuously support us as we continue to take the nation by storm one party at a time. Thanks go out to Jimmy, Ramon and Mayrobi for setting this up. Thanks to Braulio Thorne, an original member of Los Ciegos del Barrio, who lent us his timbales and even sat in on a couple of songs. Great job by Joana Diaz, who was also a guest performer as she sang "Que Tontos Que Locos" by Monchi y Alexandra. We'll be back soon.

Los Ciegos Play at Private Birthday/Baptism Party for 3 Children - Brooklyn, NY - December 18, 2010

We had a great time playing for 3 of the cutest kids in New York. Our thanks to Nina for setting this up and for making us feel at home. she's an excellent cook and a wonderful person. Shouts to her family as well. Maybe when the kids get older, we can play for their weddings.

Los Ciegos Hits #8 on Reverb Nation Latin Charts for New York - December 8, 2010

This is the highest we've ever been, but we're not done yet. Help us keep the momentum going. Thank you all for making this happen.

Paste this into your browser and enjoy:

Holiday Show at the Strand Theatre - Lakewood, NJ - December 4, 2010

Great time at the Strand Theater tonight. Thanks to the great staff there as well as Ron, Fran, Cari, Bridges and the video crew who filmed the performance. Shout out to Xol Azul Band who also played with us.

We even got to play a few Christmas songs with the same Ciegos flavor that you all know and love. Video to be released soon.

FoxNews Latino Article on Los Ciegos Del Barrio - November 9, 2010 - November 9, 2010

“Los Ciegos Del Barrio” Hope to be New Latino Sensation
By Shaira Frias

Published November 09, 2010
| Fox News Latino

The Latino band version of Stevie Wonder has arrived - and while they can’t see they can certainly make people groove.

“Los Ciegos del Barrio,” a group with five blind band members, has been entertaining thousands with a multi-genre blend of merengue, bachata, salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, and even rock.

They say they never let their disability get in the way of their musical spirit.

“We can do the same things anybody else can,” said band director, Alvin Suarez. “Luckily, to play music we only need our ears and not our eyes.”

As with a sancocho, the diversity of the band cannot be missed.

Suarez, who was born and raised in Harlem, and is of Guatemalan, Puerto Rican and Cuban descent, shares the stage with his twin brother Derek. Joining them are Dominican cousins Arnaldo “Machete” Vargas and Jaime Diaz and Puerto Rican Jimmy Fontanez.

In 2000, “Los Ciegos del Barrio” released their first album, “No lo dude.” The record included beats from instruments the band shares a common passion for, including the drums, keyboard, accordion, rhythm guitar and bass. Since then, they have released three albums.

Alvin Suarez remains hopeful the band will be a success. “The music industry can take it or leave it, but they can’t take the love of music we have,” Suarez said.

The band’s recent single, “Buscando la luz,” was released earlier this year. Derek Suarez, who composed the song, says it is “about being legally blind yet finding a positive outlook in life.”

“We may be legally blind but it doesn’t take away how we can represent you in a positive manner,” he added.

Thanks to New York City-based Project Troubador, a non-profit that dedicates itself to sending musicians to third world countries, band members have been able to tour Russia and Dominican Republic. They are also planning a concert in Cuba next year.

“When we went to the Dominican Republic in 2006, we did a two-week tour,” Alvin Suarez said. “This gave us a chance to give back to the community that we represent since we played at a school for the blind.”

In December, “Los Ciegos del Barrio” will be performing a Christmas show in Lakewood,

St. Joseph's College - Patchogue, LI - October 21, 2010

Great time at the school. There were some Latin dance lessons given to the students who attended, raffles, prizes, great food and

Shout out to our Guatemalan American paisano, Mario, who hooked us up to no end. Let's do it again.
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